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Apr. 20th, 2014

[sticky post] ♥ WELCOME!!! ♥

Hello Gozaimasu!!!

Welcome to my very boring Live journal!! wwww
The name's Risu! You can call me Rise or Risu. It's just the same, the pronounciation only differs. wwww

I'm a 99 liner!! (sighs) 9  years younger than Inoochama. (sobs/sulks) But.. age doesn't matter right? right? www

So this LJ will consist of different entries! But mostly, fanarts. My fanarts!! OuO
It's impossible for me to have a good fan fiction. (sighs) {C}
Well, I hope you like the fanarts that will be shared here! ♪♫

My main fandom is Hey! Say! JUMP. Yas! I'm a tobikko!! ♥ And my hubby ichiban is Inoo Kei!!! ♥♥♥
not obvious right. wwwwww just kidding. xD

Why him? Well.. ♥♥♥
He loves to eat like me. He's smart which I really admire, especially his course has something to do with my most hated subject www, he's random like me I guess www, he's a pretty guy. I like guys with female features. Tegoshi, Reia, etc. xD And I believe that he's a kind guy, son to his parents and brother to his sister, and husband to me, I just fell inlove with him more and more (sighs).

T^T ♥♥♥♥♥

He's... he's a perfect match for Kota. asklfsafkasdfhasdkfj #YabuNooshipper ♥♥♥♥♥

what am I talking again? AH YES!!! Wait for me Inoo-sama! We'll meet soon!!! www (cries)

I hate him for making me love him so much. -_- ♥
De wa, Hajimemashite ne tomodachi-chan!!! ♪♫

p.s. why is LJ so hard. </3 HTML why you do this </3
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Jan. 4th, 2016


Here's an aioitai Inoo Kei fanart!!! 🎉🎉🎉

I drew this on a paper and just colored it using my phone where I usually draw the digital arts. (笑)

I hope minna likes it!! 💜

I wonder what to draw next >~<

Most of my fanarts are all Inoo Kei!! (笑)

Dec. 31st, 2015


I'm a roleplayer actually then I tried roleplaying in the kpop world as a japanese kpop singer. xD
If some of you knows Sana Minatozaki. (waves hands) OuO ♥

In kpop world, it's actually a big community ne? Many of them are artistic, thus making fanarts and etc. And I found something that's really a cutie!! Cropping the idol's shape or face then places them in a plain back ground with an outline of white (commonly). I told myself I should try making one. xD And I did it to Kei!!!!!! My classmate told me, those are being edited for twitter icons. I use it in my own twitter though. ♪♫

Everyone's welcome to use them. ☺ I'll add more... maybe soon. xD

btw, Kei looks cute with ribbons. HAHAHAHAH ♥

^^^ Those are edited in photoshop then the stickers are from Aillis ♪

If you want to edit yourself, I have plain ones! Just like this! wwww


Sep. 24th, 2013

6 years JUMPing in our World ~

Guess what... Today is September 24, 2013 !!!

Its Hey! Say! JUMP's 6th Anniversary!!!!

First of all, LOL, I would like to make a short message for them :">

Hey! Say! JUMP,

Always do your BEST! GANBARETSUGO neh?
Your songs and performances makes our heart BOUNCE and ALIVE ^U^
Because of you, it will be possible for us to DASH to our ENDLESS DREAM, to make our DREAMS COME TRUE <3
please be TOGETHER FOREVER, Hey! Say! JUMP and with us <3
We thank you for giving us happy MEMORIES <3
We will never SWITCH main fandom because we love you <3 Aiing~Shiteru~ neh <3
And I hope you could HURRY UP! and Come On A My House <3 hahaha, just kidding -_-" :3

I'm saying this because we are your Tobikkos <3 You are our HERO <3

(c)me :P

I really hope Ryutaro will come back. ;w;)

I'm sorry If I haven't used all the titles.. m(_ _)m and for the grammar and all, gomeneee.. m(_ _)m
demo this is an achievement *^*)9 LOL.

Happy 6th Anniversary!!!! ^_^
motto anniversary to come neeehhh <3


Sep. 3rd, 2013

heisei_exo ! ^0^

Konnichiwaaaaa~ !!

Neh~ Me and my kpop friend just made a community called: heisei_exo

As you can see... XD
the community is named: heisei_exo..
obviously, heisei or Hey! Say!.. HEY! SAY! JUMP !!! ^0^

and exo! "EK-SO". XD
exo-k, exo-m. ^0^ The kpop group of course~ 0w0


The community just want to share the pairings we made..
JUMP x EXO.. its better than AKB x JUMP

                   .. and EXO x SNSD according to my tomodachi XD
We might also give news about the fandom~ OwO

Just a part of what we made ;)


Yuto + Tao = YuTao


Baekhyun + Inoo + Luhan = BaekNooHan 8D


Oh well...~
Here's the link of the community: heisei_exo

Arigatou Gozaimashita~ ^0^)// ~
rabu rabu desuuuu OuO